Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Final Report on PLN

I have added and taken away several different sites from my PLN so that it is beneficial to me and allows me to access my favorite websites quickly. I set Symbaloo as the home-screen on my computer and it makes life so much easier. First of all, I have the websites that are just for me, or just for fun. These sites are: Ebay, Pandora, Craigslist, Amazon and Flickr. I have a few news sites such as CNN and AL.com. I also kept a few of the original suggestions for Symbaloo because I think they are interesting. These sites are: Sports, Diet & Fitness, Games and Toys, Shopping, Gadgets, Weather, and Route. Throughout the semester I added blogs of teachers that I read or assignments we had in class. I like that Symbaloo lets me keep track of these sites and organize them on one neat homepage. These sites include: Mr. McClung's World, Bits n' Bytes, TechIntersect, Lifelong Learners, and The Scholastic Scribe. Then there are websites bookmarked because I believe they will help me as a future teacher, sites such as ACCESS, ALEX, Edutopia (a base site for students and teachers to share info), Scholastic, Everyday Math Resources (an online lesson planning site for teachers), and Alabama Virtual Library. There are video sites like YouTube and also ones made for teachers like TeacherTube and SchoolTube. I have also included websites that I have enjoyed using in this class and that I think will be helpful to incorporate technology into my own classroom. These sites are: Wordle, Timetoast, Delicious, and Dropbox. Links that I will use both for personal and professional use include Twitter, Skype, GMail and Facebook. Lastly, I have pages that help me with EDM 310, such as: my personal blog, EDM310 class blog, my Google Checklist, South Alabama's homepage, and Google Docs. Oh, and my Google search is in the center screen, because let's be honest, I use Google more than anything else! That sums up my PLN, thanks EDM 310 for teaching me how to use this tool successfully!

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