Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Comments 4 Teachers #4

For this C4T I was assigned to Ann Carnevale's blog Bits 'n Bytes. Ann is an Instructional Technology Specialist who created this blog as a way of sharing information with elementary school teachers in Plainville, CT. Ann's recent post was filed under her tab "Website Wednesday". In these types of posts she shares with readers useful websites she's found. In her most recent post on March 16th she lists three main points. She tells us about Mathwire, which is a website created by a retired math teacher in which she shares lesson plans and templates with fellow teachers. She also talks about 10 websites For Reading Children's Stories Online. This is a list of websites that can do things such as read stories aloud to children online. Lastly she gives readers tools that can help them explain the Tsunami in Japan to their students. These tools include: Understanding the Japan Earthquake and Devastation in Japan. I let her know that I appreciate her doing the research for this list and her blog will certainly be helpful to me in my future teacher career.

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For my second post from Ann's blog, I looked back at older posts because there was not a more current one. The last post was from February 18th titled YouTube in the Primary Classroom. In this post Mrs. Carnevale shares with her fellow teachers several YouTube videos that may benefit young elementary aged students. Some of my favorites are When Two Vowels Go Walking and Come to the Carpet. I think it's great that Ann is willing to share this collection of helpful links with other educators. I definitely plan on using some of these links or ones similar to it in my classroom. I thanked her for sharing them and told her I would be bookmarking them for future use.

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