Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Comment 4 Teachers #2

The latest teacher blog I read is by Mrs. Scribe titled The Scholastic Scribe. This is the blog of a witty Washington, D.C. teacher and her trials in the classroom. In a humorous but sad recent post she called "Your Taxpayer's Dollars at Work" she tells of the hassle of trying to get a window fixed in her classroom. She tells an unfortunate tale of having to wait seven years for a broken window to be replaced, only to be told she needs to file more paperwork. Here a picture of the window she waits year after year to be repaired.
broken handle from post
I read back through a couple of months of the author's posts and was very entertained. She is a journalism teacher with a great sense of humor. In the majority of her blog she shares funny photos and stories with her students. My favorite post of her's was from a few years ago, if you'd like a laugh you should read A Room With a View. She's definitely a good story teller and puts a funny light on her teaching trials.

In Mrs. Scribe's latest post she tells her readers about a former student of hers. She describes his time in high school and his involvement in both football and her yearbook staff. It's obvious that Mrs. Scribe's really thought highly of this student and his accomplishments while she taught him. She goes on to say that instead of choosing the NFL, her former student chose to teach a special education class. He recently came to her for advice on fixing up his classroom. She seems very proud of him and I let her know that it must be very encouraging as an educator to see students reach their goals. I really enjoyed her final remark on this former student, she says, "He planted a seed, and I'm helping it grow". Below I've posted the photo of her student that she shared on her blog.
Mrs. Scribe's former student on the football field

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