Tuesday, March 22, 2011

C4K #4, #5, & #6

For my fourth comments for kids I was assigned to Starford from the PT England school. Starford is a nine year old in Year 6 at the school. His recent blog post was about the February 24th New Zealand earthquake. I was surprised to learn about this tragic event from him and even more surprised that I had not heard about it before now. Starford tells us that it was claimed to be "New Zealand's Darkest Day" with over 300 people missing after the quake. I let him know that he did a very good job giving his readers details about the tragedy and to keep up the good work on his blog. Below is a picture from the earthquake that Starford shared on his blog.
collapsed building caused by an earthquake in New Zealand

For this comments for kids I commented on Tokorima at the Pt England School. Tokorima is a 11 year old, year seven student in Room 21, Mrs Lagitupu's class. In the recent post that I commented on, Tokorima tells us his goals for this school year. He says that his reading has really approved and that he is scoring higher than his grade level in this area. He wants to improve his writing skills and learn how to take what he's thinking and summarize it better in his own words. I told him that I enjoyed reading his blog. I let him know that he should continue to work on both his reading and his writing, because they typically go hand in hand. I enjoyed reading his blog, he seems like an interested young boy, excited about the new school year.

In my sixth comments for kids I was assigned to Thomas in Mrs. Phares' fourth period class. The students was instructed to write a post about bullying at school. Thomas says that bullying is a big problem at his school and that he doesn't think his teachers are very aware of the issue. I encouraged Thomas to find someone who will listen, rather it's another teacher, counselor, or principal. Thomas said that he has a friend right now that gets bullied. I told him to stand up to that bully together and let an adult know what is going on. It's always discouraging for me to read a post like this. I wish some kids would learn from their families how to be nice to other children and treat each other how they want to be treated.
bullying stops here sign

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